Unlocking Cost Savings with Our Agile Recruiting Approach


When it comes to finding the right talent for your business, you may be tempted to handle the hiring process yourself or decide to hire in-house resources. However, hiring can be time-consuming and mistakes can be very expensive which can lead to loss or delay of deliverables, ramp up time for the backfill, and losing the trust of your clients. That’s where Right Resources can come in to help. In fact, our clients have found that using us for their staffing needs is more efficient and saves them 30% on hiring costs rather than hiring themselves. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Lower cost per hire. You must spend time and money on job postings, applicant tracking systems, background checks, and interviews. Right Resources already has these processes in place and can find qualified candidates more efficiently. This means you’ll have a lower cost per hire, which can add up to significant savings over time.
  • Reduced turnover. One of the biggest expenses of hiring is the cost of turnover. When you make a bad hire, it can be costly to replace that employee. According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, the cost of a bad hire can be as much as 5 times the employee’s salary. Right Resources’ recruiters have an average of 11 years of experience vetting talent so that you will be left with a mission driven professional who will be impactful on your team.
  • Access to a larger pool of candidates. When you’re hiring on your own, you’re limited to the candidates who apply to your job postings. Right Resources has access to a larger pool of candidates through our unique marketing campaigns, networks, and a database of 32,000 individuals. This means we can find candidates who have the specific skills and experience you’re looking for.
  • Hire a temp employee. When you hire on your own, you’re committing to a full-time employee with benefits, which can be expensive. Right Resources offers more flexibility by providing temporary or contract employees who can work for your organization on a short-term basis. This can be a cost-effective solution for project-based work as we incur all hiring costs, benefit costs, payroll costs, and payroll taxes which can be more than 40% of the hire’s base salary.

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