Right Resources, an Owings Mills-based recruiting services firm serving Federal contractors and software engineering firms across the region, recently expanded outside of their Headquarters to nine new office locations to better serve their clients and attract talent.

“We’ve adapted to an entirely new work model,” says Mark Tyrrell, Founder and Managing Partner, while removing a Nerf dart from his mug of freshly brewed coffee. “The commute time has been replaced with 30 extra minutes of sleep, and almost everyone has a pet at their desk. Our HR staff has updated the dress code to ‘extra-casual’ with most employees reporting to work at their laptops in joggers and hoodies.”

The Transition to Multiple Offices

Lowering his headset, Mark continues to explain the success of the new working conditions. “The transition to the new locations was relatively smooth. Our physical white board and weekly reports were moved to Excel files on the shared drive, and our team uses their new wireless headsets to connect in place of regular cubical visits. Employees have set up flexible workspaces and nobody here really combs their hair anymore. Service to our clients has increased if anything.”

Tyrrell, son Philip, and dog Aurora photographed at the Catonsville B office. Photo courtesy of Mark Tyrrell.

Local sources say that work is even more exciting in one of several Carroll County facilities, where Lead Recruiter Stephanie Zimmerman’s days now regularly include parades of glitter, coloring book pages, and requests for snacks. Support staff at this location might undergo several wardrobe changes throughout the day, ranging from princess gear to pirate garb. During virtual interviews, Software Engineer candidates report hearing “The Unicorn Song” in the background, but at press time it was unconfirmed whose audio this was coming from.

A calm moment at the Westminster branch, which features original artworks and live children’s music. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Zimmerman.

Exceptional Wi-Fi

With sunny weather, Right Resources core staff might also be found in the Catonsville A location led by Kate Dear. This location features an outdoor work/picnic table, two gorgeous Golden Retrievers, visits from friendly neighbors, multiple photogenic Zoom backgrounds, and occasional margaritas or local brews if needed. Not to mention all of these amenities are accessible from a killer back porch. “When I notice my WiFi connection is off,” reports Colleen Powell, Director of the Severn office, “I know I can make a swift recovery at the Catonsville branch where there is always a lawn chair waiting for me.” The exceptional WiFi signal is a landmark feature of the Catonsville A office, a service monitored closely by Bodie.

The expanse saw the addition of new support staff. Pictured here are Bodie (left) at the Catonsville office and Emma (right) at the Westminster office. Photos courtesy of Kate Dear and Stephanie Zimmerman.

Baltimore Offices

One of 2 downtown Baltimore offices is receiving major renovations after a less-than-ideal move in. Due to the maintenance issues Weinstein had to relocate her office setup. She needed somewhere near a heater and away from leak issues, which Weinstein handled in stride. However, “It was all worth it for the view,” says Weinstein, sharing this image of her Baltimore balcony.
View from the Baltimore A office. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Weinstein.

With all locations doing well, morale is high among team members at Right Resources. “Our cats are receiving more love than ever before!” Quotes Nicolas Jarboe, Director of Operations who boldly took on the additional role as Cat Treat Administrator at the Carroll County B location early last fall. “This is set to be our greatest year yet.”

-Written by Staff Writer.

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