Make our recruitment agility your tech talent advantage. 

Transforming IT recruiting with agile.

Your business growth, customer satisfaction and innovation potential all hinge on the ability to engage highly skilled tech professionals when and how you need them. That’s the basis for Agile IT Recruiting, our system for transforming how businesses find and engage tech pros.

  • It’s a data-driven approach to IT recruitment.
  • Using agile principles, we quickly adapt to market trends.
  • It allows for the rapid provision of highly skilled full-time and contingent candidates.
  • Smart and fast, Agile IT Recruiting elevates how businesses engage tech talent.

Data + Agile = An Extraordinary Candidate Experience

Agile Recruiting Services are designed for continual learning and adaptation, allowing us to take great care of candidates. We never waste an IT professional’s time with opportunities that don’t match their skills and work-life goals.

Instead, their engagement and responses give us the data we need to make winning job connections and offer a first-class candidate experience.

Our Talent Data Sources

  • 70+ tech talent hubs, such as Github, Stackoverflow, Discord, and Reddit
  • Tech and professional social channels
  • Digital marketing and advertising campaigns and tracking
  • Virtual feedback

“The team at Right Resources understands the critical value that high-performing individuals bring to the success of our organization.”

– Aaron Walton, former COO, Edaptive Systems

Our Agile Approach

Digital Sourcing   

Comprehensive digital outreach

Analysis and Adaptation

Iterative optimization with real-time data

Targeted Campaigns 

Data-driven candidate marketing

Identification & Vetting

Candidate selection + thorough vetting

Interviews & Selection

Interview coordination and offer strategy


Frictionless offer coordination

Why Right Resources? Because mission matters.

We are a mission-driven IT talent firm. We help businesses and government organizations connect with mission-focused tech pros who want their work to matter. We believe in the promise and power of technology and how it can make businesses and the world better for all.

Ready to test the power of Agile IT Recruitment? Let’s get started.