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We Focus On Your Capabilities Because Your Plate Is Full

You’re experts in what you do. So why spend your valuable time on anything other than the activities that get you the greatest return?

We’re experts in recruiting. Our Recruitment Managed Services allow you to focus on what you do best and get recruiting off your plate.We work with you to develop a message that will resonate with the candidates you want to attract and then we find the talent pool you need and make sure they get your message. Give us a job description and we take it from there, attracting, filtering and curating a list of candidates for you to select from.

Get started with our team today.Our firm has successfully managed the recruiting process for companies around Baltimore, so they can get back to what they do best.


“I trust them to give me the straight scoop…”

“The team at Right Resources understands the critical value that high-performing individuals bring to the success of our organization.  Whether it’s for a project we’re staffing or bringing in our next great employee, I know they’ll take the time to understand what I need and not waste my time with below par candidates.  I trust them to give me the straight scoop on candidates and to give me the additional information about the candidates we’re evaluating that I need to make the right choice.” 

– Aaron Walton, former COO Edaptive Systems



We work together to develop your company’s selling points, we edit your website content relevant to recruiting, we develop an job advertising strategy that fits your budget and candidate needs, we screen all incoming candidates and present only the best for your consideration, we reach out to passive candidates and the rest of the talent pool from our database and other social channels like LinkedIn, we see all the candidates through the entire interview process, presenting them with the benefits of your company, and we help negotiate and secure an accepted offer.


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