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You already know how critical great staff are to your success, but finding them quickly can be a challenge. The most recent data indicates it takes 51 days to fill an IT position. When time is of the essence we’ll be that extra set of hands to help you move quickly. We give you a competitive edge in the battle for great talent, because we know how important it is to start with the right person before you investment time & money to train them.

Direct Hire services allow you to focus on continuing to be productive while we source and filter the best talent for you. They are aren’t always looking for you, but they are often open to an invitation to learn more and we can help you find and attract them fast. Our firm has provided direct hire staffing services to the Baltimore Washington corridor and beyond.


“If I need a recruiter in the future, I’ll definitely use RIGHT RESOURCES…”

“Right Resources found us a great candidate for a Systems Administrator position that had been open for longer than we liked simply because we weren’t seeing good candidates. We hired one of their candidates who has been doing very well and met all his first year goals for getting his Microsoft certifications and earned himself a bonus. If we need a recruiter in the future, I’ll definitely use Right Resources.”

– Mike M., Project Manager



We talk with you to get the details, we craft a message that will attract the right talent, we find them, we message them, we see them through the interview process, we help you negotiate and secure an accepted offer.



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