DISC - Psychology

This week we thought we’d share some insight on one of the best ways we’ve found to improve the effectiveness of our work communication through learning your DISC profile. If you ever visited our offices (you know the corner office with the view of the shrubbery), you might hear such remarks as “You’re a high I” or, “he’s totally a high C.”  According to the DISC personality assessment, the “I” stands for someone that is friendly, outgoing, and talkative—or as Mr. Walton likes to say, “a party looking for a place to happen.”  And this describes just about all of the RR staff.  It’s very common to find high “I” individuals in the recruiting field, or in a sales and marketing position, but not very common to find them in IT.

The DISC personality test can be quite informative when it comes to the workplace, because it can help you understand how others work and how to more effectively communicate with them in a way they can understand and relate to.  It provides a quick reference on the way that people are inclined to think, act, and communicate. The DISC Personality Profile identifies patterns of behavior, and can be used to implement solutions for maximizing an employee’s strengths and minimizing weaknesses.

If you want to improve your communication with your boss, co-workers, and employees, we recommend taking a look.  Click “DISC ME!” to read more about the DISC Personality Profile and how you can get DISCovered on your DISC.