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6 Steps to Handling the Verbal Offer

So you made it through the interview process, and your old boss just sent you an email saying someone from your new potential employer called them for a reference. Soon you expect you’ll be getting a call from them to extend…

4 Key Steps to Prepare to Win Next Interview

There are a million things that could be done to prepare for an interview, but most of the interview preparation articles I read focus on what I would call “Interview 101” and fail to address the critical step of setting yourself apart….

Help! My Recruiter Keeps Wasting My Time with Crappy Candidates

What should your recruiter be doing for you?  What really is their role in the process and what do you need to contribute to ensure their success? Your recruiter should provide 3 primary functions.  First, they should assist you with…

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If You Are a Job Seeker,


You may feel a little anxious about finding your next career. In today’s market there are many more things to take into consideration other than salary when choosing your next role.


You may want benefits like stock options, or bereavement leave. You may want to work from home 3 days a week or full time. Once you have deciphered what you want it is time to go find it.



You want a mission driven company that is focused on making the world a better place through software development. Right Resources can pair you with those types of companies.


As a job seeker you may be a little rusty on offer negotiation, interviewing, resume writing, and quantifying your accomplishments. Don’t worry. Right Resources is more than a staffing company. We aren’t just going to pair you with a company and leave your side. We are here to help with every facet of the hiring process. We can help  you polish your resume and negotiate that offer. We are established healthcare IT recruiting professionals. Just check our some of our resources that are dedicated to job seekers, written by our staff.



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