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We’ve literally interviewed thousands of candidates, and we’d like to share what we’ve learned to help you make the right choice. Evaluating talent starts with the right candidate, but finding a great fit for your team requires a commitment to the best hiring process possible. The below articles provide some of the practices we use to identify, compete for, and evaluate talent. Please join in the conversation and create a login to post your comments.

7 of My Favorite Tips for How to Attend a Networking Event

Finding the Right people Networking events can be a real waste of time, and this from a man who attends many.  Most of your ideal targets are NOT there.  Financial advisers, insurance salesmen, and sometimes staffing firm sales guys—yikes!—may waste your

Help! My Recruiter Keeps Wasting My Time with Crappy Candidates

What should your recruiter be doing for you?  What really is their role in the process and what do you need to contribute to ensure their success? Your recruiter should provide 3 primary functions.  First, they should assist you with

How to Market Yourself! (Yes, I’m talking to you, Hiring Manager!)

Why job descriptions are not enough to get you great talent If you’ve looked for a job in the past decade, you’ve surely come upon articles like this one, that extol the virtues of a job seeker finding creative ways to

Who Do I Know: How Linkedin Can Help You Find Your Next Great Employee

Whenever a new position opens up on their team, a good manager always asks themselves, “Who do I know?” Of course our first thought would be to go with someone familiar, perhaps even someone we’ve worked with successfully in the

Prove It: An Interview Strategy

There are loads of resources available on the web about what to say, what not to say, preparing to interview a candidate, legal and illegal questions, etc., so there is no need for us to reiterate the basics here. This